With years of experience in aircon services, we are confident to provide top-notch in the category. We have expert air conditioner service, maintenance and repair engineers working throughout Singapore. Our dedicated service and repair teams know that speed is of the essence when your air conditioner is not working. We ensure your units are diagnosed and repaired in double-quick time!

We also offer a comprehensive planned maintenance service which is why so many of the Singapore’s largest companies rely on us to service and maintain their air conditioning systems.

The Air Conditioner Service Company can offer you many suggestions as to how to achieve substantial savings in running costs and to help avoid unnecessary repairs and breakdowns.


Our company’s philosophy is never changed no matter what.

Customers are always first, we will not by any chance in wasting our customers’ valuable time.

We will ensure our process is the quickest, less waiting time, and our service is to make sure our customers will not get any headache on their air conditioner’s area.

If you are in search of a Home air conditioner repair, Central air conditioner repair, Residential air conditioning repair, Heating and air conditioning repair Aircon Service Singapore is a name that you can count on. This company is a well-established name for cleaning, servicing, repairing, and replacing air conditioners with the help of a team of expert technicians and tradespersons. So, whether you want to service or repair your existing air conditioner to keep it running for years or want to install new ones in your property, the skilled staff members of our company can help you with almost all types of air conditioning services.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We never consider our job as a routine work, we love it. We feel passionate about changing the appearance of the properties of our clients by installing air conditioners that are beautiful and can make the properties comfortable.
  2. The staff members of our company are reliable, understanding, and friendly. And they know well what professionalism is. Therefore, you will never find any mess in our worksite.
  3. The air conditioning industry is constantly changing. To keep up with the change, we always keep ourselves updated as we believe our customers only deserve the best from us. And to do it, we offer different types of activities and training courses to our staff members regularly that help them to be knowledgeable about the latest AC innovations and changes.
  4. Last but not least, we maintain direct and personal involvement in different services to enhance the lifespan of air conditions. Maintaining regular contact with the clients ensure that the needs of the clients are fulfilled and understood properly.