Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air conditioner maintenance might sound like a nuisance, but it reduces the likelihood of breakdowns or a drop in air quality. The good news is that keeping your air conditioning system performing optimally doesn’t take too much time.


There are a few easy and effective steps you can take towards maintaining your air conditioner in its best condition.

Replace Your Air Filter Every Couple of Months

Check your filter to see whether or not it’s clean. If you neglect to replace it, a dirty air filter lessens the air quality and forces your system to work even harder to overcome the blockages. It causes a drop off in heating and cooling efficiency and a rise in operating cost. A neglected filter can even cause extensive damage to the HVAC system, which is costly to repair. Instead, keep a spare handy or go pick one up, and ensure the air you’re breathing stays clean and cool. Set a calendar reminder on your phone for every 2-3 months.


Clean Your Vents and Coils

Dust and dirt can build up around the unit and cause blockages. Turn the machine on and off, and pay attention to any place that doesn’t sound or feel right. A soapy scrub goes a long way to removing the clutter and doesn’t take too much time or effort.


Remove Any Debris or Invasive Plants

Plants can grow around your outdoor unit and also cause blockages. Leaves, pollen, sticks and grass clippings have a habit of clogging the flow, so make sure to remove those regularly. Trim any surrounding bushes or shrubs and give the unit a clear 2-foot radius for best results.


Check Your Ducts for Any Leaks

Inspect the ductwork and insulation in your home for any tears or leaks. Your ducts distribute the air throughout your home, so it won’t flow properly if the duct is ripped somewhere. If conditioned air is escaping through a tear or the insulation isn’t functioning properly, your machine will be working harder and less effectively.

1. Framework does not run.  Check the consolidates or circuit breakers. On the off chance that they are fine at that point watch that the warm isn’t set likewise high. Have a go at bringing down that by 5 degrees, and if that comes up short an individual must have an expert HVAC repair design.

2. No Air molding.  Once more, check the warm and take a stab at bringing down that. On the off chance that that doesn’t work check the condenser air ingestion. It may be blocked, particularly in fall if right currently there loads of leaves going about. Check the episode of the fan are correct, and when not then help rectify them. In the case of nothing works, at that point call air conditioner service specialist.   

3. Whimsical Chilling  For this and every single other blame, everything you can really do is to clean the fondre it as far since you can, and if that comes up short call a decent architect. It isn’t really remarkable for units to get hindered by essentially vegetation of some shape. The condenser will positively likely be sitting about a solid cushion: ensure that is organize, in light of the fact that solid can on occasion breakdown and put the specific condenser and the engine out there of the level. That can influence its task.  

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