Central air conditioner repair in Singapore – considered one of the most powerful cooling systems in its class, the central air conditioner contains two coils to cool any home. Unlike other air conditioning systems like casement air conditioners, it cools the entire house. This also employs two system functions, including a cooling compressor placed outside, separate from the fan unit that blows out cool air. This is common in larger establishments that require a powerful cooling system that can efficiently supply cold air to multiple rooms.

Central Air Conditioner Repair in Sngapore

  1. Continuous cold air
    No matter where you are in the world, a central air conditioning system can provide you with a consistent temperature guarantee. Most homeowners choose this type of air conditioner because it can automatically adjust to any outdoor temperature. This is the best way to cool down your entire home during any given season.
  2. Efficiently clean filtered air
    The cold air production process in this system is routed through ducts that contain filters that further purify the air exhausted from the indoor cooling units. This will have a major impact on the air quality produced, reducing allergens and inhaling potentially harmful fumes.
  3. Maintain the plumbing system
    The efficiency and level of clean air produced by duct filters also means close monitoring of dirt buildup, especially in system ducts. Ducts can easily accumulate mold and dirt that are harmful to human health. Due to its complexity, cleaning of pipes should be done by professional cleaners.

Cons of a Central Air Conditioner

  1. Higher electricity bills
    Transitioning between not having an air conditioning unit or having a regular room cooling system, one should expect your energy bill to increase dramatically. A central air conditioner requires more energy than a normal air cooling system because its role is to cool an entire room rather than a single space.
  2. Multifunctional system
    One factor that deters people from buying this type of cooling system is its hefty price tag. What people don’t realize is what two machines can do in one system, such as central air conditioning. This is most useful for people who experience cold winters and hot summers year-round and can switch their systems from cooling to heating.
  3. Piping system installation
    ‍In addition to the cost of installing two pieces of equipment, setting up this type of cooling system also requires piping to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. This is a major retrofit and should be carefully considered before using the system. This is an investment that requires further planning and budgeting.

How to Clean Central Air Conditioner

  1. Clean and straighten the fins
    ‍Before doing anything, make sure all devices are turned off and unplugged from the power source. Using a garden hose, spray along the fins from the inside out. Using a fin comb, carefully straighten the bent fin to restore the deformed fin. Bent and dirty fins can reduce airflow through the fins and affect cooling efficiency.
  2. Make sure the device is stable
    When the condenser unit is installed outdoors, it should be placed on a flat surface. Then check the fluid level and use a corrosion resistant gasket if you find an imbalance. When a unit’s condenser is not placed on a level platform, it can degrade over time.
  3. Check and clean the coil
    ‍Find the evaporator coil inside the furnace, we use a soft brush to remove the dirt, then clean it with a no-rinse coil cleaner. Drain pans can be cleaned with mild soap and a little bleach. This will help prevent the growth of algae and mold inside the equipment.
  4. Replace the blower filter
    ‍Carefully unscrew the latch to open the filter cover. This can be found in indoor furnaces inside the filter housing through which the fresh air return duct runs. To install a brand new one, simply remove the new one and insert it in the same orientation, where the airflow arrows on the filter show. Close the latch door, then turn the power back on, its all about Central air conditioner repair in Singapore.