Home air conditioner repair in Singapore – it has a hot climate and daily activities are almost impossible without air conditioning. However, using the air conditioner for a long time without proper air conditioner maintenance can lead to various air conditioner problems. Before you start servicing your air conditioner, the first step is to have your current condition checked and diagnosed by a qualified air conditioner professional. Instead of putting you and your loved ones in an uncomfortable situation because the air conditioner is not working, let a professional air conditioner repair technician in Singapore fix it for you.

Home air conditioner repair in Singapore

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Noticing any signs that your air conditioner needs service can keep your air conditioner running and perform quick and effective air conditioner repairs when you need them. At first glance, not all signs of a proper repair are obvious. However, you’ll be better able to identify the 5 signs that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement.

Obvious dirt outside the unit

Check your air conditioning unit to see if there is a lot of dirt near the outdoor unit. If you have a lot of dust or debris around your air conditioner, you may need to service your air conditioner in the future.

Aircon not cooling

The most obvious sign that you need your air conditioner serviced is when you can’t feel the coolness of the air conditioner working. Most of the time, the cause is probably something that a professional air conditioner service can fix without you having to bother replacing the air conditioner.

Increasing electricity bill

Another sign that tells you there is something wrong with your air conditioner is your monthly electricity bill. A faulty air conditioner consumes more electricity than normal, which can cost you a lot of money. To avoid this, it is important to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance.

Unnatural shutdowns

When your air conditioner turns off unexpectedly and frequently, you can be sure it’s a sure sign that service is needed. This could be due to a circuit problem or its wiring.

Bad odors

When you notice that your air conditioner is smelling bad, you should call an air conditioner repair company right away. Air conditioner odors can be caused by air leaks, filters failing to block allergens, or mold and other microbes growing in the air conditioner.

Knowing the signs that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement is important because it can help you decide if your air conditioner needs repair or replacement. Also, it’s important to know the symptoms that indicate that your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

How to choose home air conditioner repair in Singapore

There are many reasons why your air conditioner unit may fail – some may just need a refill, while others may require a chemical overhaul of the air conditioner. Still, every homeowner should be familiar with different air conditioner repair symptoms. Call a reliable air conditioner repair company as soon as you notice these air conditioner repair symptoms:

Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air

Your air conditioner unit may be experiencing poor airflow, which may prevent your air conditioner from cooling or blowing out hot air. Often, these symptoms indicate a malfunctioning system compressor and capacitor, or even a blown fuse. Whatever it is, get it fixed ASAP to prevent more serious air conditioning problems like refrigerant leaks, take a home air conditioner repair in Singapore.

Gas Pipe Leakage

In some cases, when your indoor unit has an air conditioner leak, the unpleasant smell of toxic freon gas can quickly become apparent. However, you may want to check your outdoor compressor set for this smell.

Remember to also check the pipes and look out for some stains, as this could also be a sign of a leaking air conditioner gas line. Finally, you can also check the thermostatic expansion valve for whistling noises, which indicate low refrigerant levels.

Water Leakage

A leaking air conditioner can also appear on an indoor air conditioner unit or an outdoor compressor. You may notice dripping water from the fan coil or ice on the copper refrigerant lines.

Aircon Unit Switching Off Automatically

Air conditioners that shut themselves off can be a variety of problems caused by unscheduled air conditioner maintenance. A dirty A/C compressor or condenser can cause overheating and then prompt the system to shut itself down. Are you still experiencing this problem despite regular cleaning of your air conditioner? Well, the problem might be your thermostat. A damaged thermostat will not be able to properly measure the temperature of the air conditioner, which can cause it to automatically shut down.

Blinking Light

Sometimes you may notice a flashing AC light and wonder how to fix it. Use this flashing light as a warning sign that your air conditioner is experiencing a problem that requires immediate attention. Note that this may be due to the following issues:

  • Compressor failure
  • Low refrigerant level
  • Electrical problems
  • Dirty filter

Compressor Not Running

Check starter relays, capacitors, valves and terminal connections for proper functioning. Otherwise, you will need to engage in a professional home air conditioner repair in Singapore –  to solve the problem.