It is impossible to have a comfortable working environment without air conditioning. However, while it provides us with an area that is more conducive to work, it also requires routine maintenance, or worse, repairs.
Whether you’re moving into a new office or need to service your commercial air conditioner, it’s important to work with a reliable air conditioner specialist to get the best commercial air conditioner service in Singapore.

Commercial and Industrial Services we offer:

With our first-class commercial and industrial air conditioning services, you can be assured of quality air conditioning service for your office.

Air Conditioning Installation

Looking to install a new commercial air conditioner in your office?
Our professional air conditioner specialists have the skills required to install various commercial and industrial air conditioners in Singapore. Whether it’s cassette air conditioners, fan coil units, or VRV and VRF systems, we’ve got you covered!
With our reliable and experienced technicians, you can only expect the best air conditioning installation services in Singapore, delivering high quality work in a very detailed and efficient manner.

Routine Aircon Maintenance

Our regular commercial air conditioner repair services will keep your office air conditioner in top condition. It is important to ensure that commercial and industrial air conditioners are serviced regularly to detect any malfunctions or issues that need to be addressed. By detecting any possible problems, you will be able to avoid more expensive air conditioner repairs.
We also offer air conditioning repair contracts to provide regular maintenance and inspections for your office air conditioning.


If you haven’t performed air conditioner maintenance in a while, you may need to clean your air conditioner to remove any dirt that has built up over time. Our trusted team of air conditioner technicians are able to perform thorough cleaning to improve the cooling capacity of commercial air conditioners. Here are some of the commercial air conditioner cleaning services we offer:
  • Chemical Treatment: Chemical cleaning is required from time to time, with our service your office air conditioner can be guaranteed to be free of dirt that could lead to dust infections.
  • Overhaul Treatment: Overhaul treatments can also be used for more thorough cleaning. This is done by disassembling the entire air conditioner, cleaning each component, and then reassembling it.

Air Conditioning Repair

Is your office air conditioner not blowing cold air or showing signs of water leaks? You may want to fix your air conditioner. Our technicians are well-trained to address any air conditioner repair service using accurate troubleshooting. A malfunctioning air cooling system in a commercial area can not only make employees uncomfortable, but ultimately lead to reduced productivity.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide quality service at competitive commercial and industrial air conditioning prices.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Used in Offices

Since commercial air conditioners have different features and functions, remember to pay attention to the brand and model you choose. Do some research on the pros and cons of different commercial air conditioner brands and models to find the best air conditioner for your office.
Here are the different types of commercial air conditioning systems used in offices:

Split Air Conditioning System

If you have a small office that doesn’t need much cooling capacity, a split-system air conditioner would be the best option. Most people choose a split commercial air conditioner because it can be used in different rooms in the office. You’ve probably seen this type of air conditioner in places like server rooms, retail stores, and cafes.
Also, unlike other types of air conditioners, split air conditioners consume less energy, so you can save a lot on your electricity bill. The air conditioner installation fee for this unit is also cheaper.
Finally, since split air conditioners are installed individually, your entire cooling system won’t shut down completely when one unit fails.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

The operation of a multi-split air conditioning system is very similar to that of a split air conditioner. The only difference is that you can connect up to nine indoor units with a multi-split system. This will save you space and money as you can install different commercial air conditioning units in your office, such as wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. You can also place these units in different areas of the office, where a specific unit is deemed suitable.

VRV or VRF Air Conditioning System

For larger commercial locations such as hotels, retail stores, large offices and mixed-use buildings, a VRF air conditioning system or Daikin’s VRV system would be a better choice. To differentiate, the Variable Refrigerant Volume or VRV system was first introduced to the market by Daikin, as described in our previous article. Such systems are more efficient and easier to control, making them one of the most popular commercial air conditioning systems.

Cassette Air Conditioning System

Another space-saving option is cassette-type commercial air conditioning systems, as they are usually ceiling mounted. Since it blows cold air directly from the ceiling, this air will be evenly distributed throughout the room, ensuring the comfort of the occupants in the room. For small offices with at least 10 to 15 employees, a ceiling-mounted commercial air conditioner is sufficient. In addition to saving energy, this air conditioner requires no ducts.

Centralized Ducted Air Conditioning System

In bigger office buildings such as those found in the central business district, centralized ducted commercial aircon systems are used. While this is a more expensive option, this is considered the most suitable type for larger premises. This is because you can get a perfect balance of temperature and humidity all throughout the area.

Centralized ducted commercial aircon systems also release purified and filtered air that is free from microparticles such as dust, allergens, and bacteria. With this environmentally friendly system, you can ensure healthy air circulation in your office.